A Light in the Window

We are living in a dark time. War in Europe fills social media and news. The COVID-19 pandemic continues in spite of desires to return to “normal”, whatever that is. There are deep divisions within the US between those who support measures to combat the pandemic, those who feel those measures are infringements on personal liberty and a deep desire to move  past or beyond all of it. People talk about problems sleeping and tension about what is safe and what is not. To mask or not to mask. The net effect is that we are stressed, struggling, wanting and needing to talk about our experiences. This is one of the places where therapy can meaningfully step in.

It is not necessary to be “mentally ill” in order to seek and be justified in entering psychotherapy. It is enough to want and need a safe place with someone who will listen and accompany one into the darker places that stress can  create. 

Unfortunately many therapists have been overwhelmed by the need they face and so have no room to take on new patients. That can be frustrating and discouraging. Unlike some, I have several openings available, via Zoom, and welcome inquiries.  Please contact me and we can arrange a time to discuss working together.

So it has been a long time…

I took the last 4 months off from writing. It wasn’t planned. But after doing this blog for 15 years, I just needed to let myself be silent and consider where I am now and where I want to go in the next few years. The silence lasted longer than I thought it would, though I knew it would not last forever. Here I am again, near the closing of winter–though not in Maine where winter hangs on until mid-to-late April, ready to share some thoughts with you again. And it won’t take me 4 months to do so!