Life Writing

Life Writing -- Exploring Your Personal Myth 

Stories are how our ancestors wove the fabric of meaning and existence as they made their way in their lives. Telling your story helps you to explore yourself, your roots, and your journey through life. Think about taking out your notebook to begin. "One day, this is what happened..." can be a beginning. There are so many beginnings. "Once upon a time" is a powerful beginning. The beginning is the hardest part for most people. Being part of a group helps stimulate ideas and provides support and encouragement for telling your story --

who you are now • how you got here • where you are going • the story you are living

Jung wrote in Memories, Dreams and Reflections:

Thus it is that I have now undertaken, in my eighty-third year, to tell my personal myth. I can only make direct statements, only “tell stories.” Whether or not the stories are “true” is not the problem. The only question is whether what I tell is my fable, my truth.

So what is personal myth? From Krippner and Feinstein: "We use our stories as personal myths. Often they can be found through our dreams, where we are often informed long before we know intellectually. There are four factors that influence personal myths: biology, culture, interpersonal experiences, and transpersonal experiences and how to work with them. By identifying, evaluating, and transforming dysfunctional myths, beliefs, and worldviews, and working with them you can transform them." 

So it is an exploration of the stories which guide our lives, a deeper and more psychologically intentional exploration than memoir is. The focus will be less of the life story, per se, than on the story that is our lives, a subtle but important distinction. 

A person's personal myth addresses past, present and future as well as identity and purpose. This myth is generally outside of conscious awareness but is accessible. At its core is a motif that shapes a person's perceptions, guides her development, fuels emotions and shapes beliefs. Becoming conscious of this myth enables a person to shape it, edit it, change it.

This is an 8-week class. Members will spend time each week  writing at home. Prompts and exercises will be offered for each week to help guide writing. Members may choose to share what they have written, though there is no requirement to do so. 

We will use a private discussion forum. I will post writing exercises and material to read.  You may post your writing (if you wish) and read the writing of others. We will use the discussion forum for discussions about the assignments, about body issues, about writing, about the process of personal exploration through writing. Our network will not be visible to anyone outside of our group and accessible only to members. Ten days after the ending of the class, I will delete all writings and discussion. 

Because of the format, people are free to participate each day within their own schedule, which  will make it easier for everyone to participate.We will create a safe space for this work by committing to full confidentiality when reading the work posted in this class. Feedback will be supportive, with an eye to the visions and the goals of the writers. Our goal is to facilitate healing and personal growth, not to focus on the mechanics of writing.

Members agree to commit to spending time each day (about 2- 4 hrs per week) reading and writing and commenting on the writing of other class participants and participating in discussions. I will be participating daily in discussions.

The class will be limited to 8 members. The charge for this course is $200, payable  via Paypal. Individual consultations are available for an additional fee upon request. A $35.00 registration fee guarantees your place in the group; the remaining $165.00 is due by the start of the course. 

Email me with questions or for further information about this group. A new group will begin January 15, 2013. You may contact me by  using the form at the left. Please put Life Writing in the subject line.

Join us. Write your way to those stories. Let them teach you about yourself.

What others have said about this group:

C said: "The Life Writing course was one of the best gifts I’ve given to myself. Although writing about and posting my life experiences seemed a bit overwhelming at first, in no time at all, I felt part of a very nurturing and supportive writing community."

K : I absolutely loved this course! It was the fourth I’ve taken with Cheryl, and I’m still thinking about it frequently. I experienced some breakthroughs in this class – both in my writing and in my learning about myself – and the intensity of the writing and interaction helped me gain invaluable insights into my life story. I think what I like most about Cheryl’s courses is that they’re a perfect combination: they’re therapeutic, they give you practice and an audience for writing, they’re intellectually stimulating, and the friendship and relationships you form are often closer than your face to face relationships. Thanks for providing such a multi-purpose forum, Cheryl!"

L: "Cheryl’s writing prompts inspired me to write about things I hadn't thought about in years.  Feedback from other participants provided new perspectives on life events that I wrote about."

I: “This course helped me see my life with new eyes and decide what I wanted to gain from my remaining time. It also introduced me to a wonderful set of participants, whose wisdom and perspective enriched my life. I highly recommend this course.”

NEW GROUP starts January 30, 2013

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