Write  On!

If you like to write, Write On! is a group for you. For people who use writing as a means of personal exploration, this group is less structured  than the Life Writing and Writing to Heal groups and is open-ended. With prompts on a variety of topics  each week from which you may pick and choose  for what you wish to write and what you wish to share, Write On! is an opportunity to get support for the writing habit, a chance to share your writing and thoughts with others on the same or similar journey. There is space for getting to know each other, sharing ideas about writing and whatever else feels important, talking about books and films which strike you. Think of this less as  a class and more as a support group for your writing self. My role is to develop writing prompts, ask leading questions now and again, help keep discussion flowing, offer resources, and generally facilitate maintaining a positive and supportive environment.

We use a private discussion forum for discussions, sharing writing, getting to know each other. Our forum is not be visible to anyone outside of our group and accessible only to members. 

Because of the format, people are free to participate each day within their own schedule, which  will make it easier for everyone to participate. We create a safe space for this work by committing to full confidentiality when reading the work posted in this class. Feedback is supportive, with an eye to the visions and the goals of the writers. Our goal is to facilitate personal growth, not to focus on the mechanics of writing.

The fee for the group is $50.00/month. Members must be willing to commit to participating for at least 3 months. After the first three months, you are free to remain for as long as you like. The maximum size for the group is 10 people, minimum is 5. If you are interested in joining, please let me know by using the contact form at the left. There are  spaces available for women in this ongoing group now.

New members welcome now.  New members join the 15th of the month they register. 

What members have said about this group:

I.: “This community has been such an important source of support for me as I develop my identity as a writer. I have benefited immeasurably from the support, encouragement, wisdom, insights, and kindness shared. It has changed me in many positive ways and given me some beautiful, deep friendships which I hope will be lasting ones.”

C. : Thank you, Cheryl, for providing this wonderful, life-enriching experience.  

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