To be a little less cryptic about what’s coming

I started this blog 12 years ago come January.  I started using this blogging application at the same time. And all of us have gotten older and a bit creakier. So some changes are indeed in order.

First, I plan to keep Jung At Heart going. But the focus will broaden a bit to include my thoughts about growing older, about finding purpose in later life, and what it is like to cope with all of that. I will certainly continue to write about psychotherapy and dreams and all the things I have been writing about these last 12 years. Though I have had a long period of silence this year, I realize I have more I want to say and want to hear your thoughts about too.

Sandvox, the application I use to blog and publish, seems not to be keeping up with  OS changes. And it has not been made compatible with mobile devices. So I will be changing the blogging platform or whatever it should be called. That won’t happen for maybe 2 months, but it will happen. And likely most or even all of the old posts won’t survive the move. Since nothing on the internet seems to fully disappear because the Wayback machine remembers everything, nothing will really get lost. And besides it will allow me to repost old things as if they were new.

If you have any topics relating to psychotherapy, dreams, being fat, aging, or anything else this blog is concerned with, tell me in the comments or email me using the contact form on the right.

I’ll leave you for today with this pithy nugget from Marion Woodman:

“There's a point where psychology becomes a spiritual journey. You have to rebuild rotten foundations, deal with the negative mother & negative father. But once the depths are reconstructed, you can't go on wallowing in negativity. That's not only boring, it's destructive.” ~Marion Woodman

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