The person inside...

There is a story about how Michaelangelo created his iconic sculpture of David. According to the story he chipped away all of the stone that was not David until David appeared. 

Search Google using the  inside every fat woman and you will see thousands of instances of that phrase. The diet industry and much of healthcare fervently believe and promote the belief that everyone is meant to be slender, that fat is concealing who we truly are. Consider this image* widely used to promote and encourage weight loss


It makes me cringe seeing her chipping away at her own body in this way. The image on the sculptors website is even clearer --


We wish that it were so but there is no sculptor who can come and magically chip away all the excess flesh so that out of the raw material of what is left of our bodies will emerge the real us, the thin version, the one who has been inside trying to get out all along. She just isn't there. Despite what many believe, the woman inside is ME, not some thinner other me. To believe in that other thinner me, to believe she is the REAL me is to believe I cannot be me and be fat. It is to believe that this me, this fat me is false, is not really a person. And is that not in an unconscious way exactly what fat phobia and our culture’s fat complex would have us believe — that a fat person is not really a person because fat makes that impossible?

* A friend sent me this image several weeks ago after sighting it on FaceBook. I tried to find the source and finally asked my Google genius husband to give it a try and he found it. It was created by a Brazilian sculptor, Gabriel DOrazio. Note, the sculptor is male, brining in the issue of the male gaze, a topic for another day.

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