Pointing to the end

I love the extravagance of  the amaryllis - that phallic flower stalk that then bursts into big beautiful flowers. One year, I photographed an especially lovely red one through all the stages of its bloom period, from the just beginning to open


to the full deep red of the open flower


to  the poignant fading of the once glorious flower.


The bright red has faded to this muted purple, the petals curling, the prominent veins. In its own way, this fading flower is every bit as beautiful as the brilliant red flower it was before.

Tonight, as we say goodbye to 2018 and look ahead to 2019, even as we look back over this year and years prior, and  ponder where we want to take  life going forward, we must be aware that like the amaryllis, we are gradually fading. And there is still life to be lived zestfully and with purpose. That is much of what I want to explore with you in the year ahead.

© Cheryl Fuller, 2018. All  rights reserved.