Fridays are for reflection

Back in the early 80s, Jungian analyst Jane Wheelwright wrote about the tasks of late life —

To live fully as we age, we must meet and acknowledge if not master at least seven specific tasks. These tasks are more evident, more urgent and perhaps more possible in the autumn of life. But it must be remembered that these tasks of aging are also tasks of living, for old age is not separate from life. Old age is rather, the time for finding one’s essence. This is material for life and we will work with these tasks until our last breath.

I will take  one of these seven tasks on each of 7 Fridays starting next week.  I hope you will take time for yourself in a journal or in whatever medium suits you to explore these tasks and your life.

To start today, a question: How old is old? When do you feel old age starts? And are you there?

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