Can I do this?

Effy Wild, a wonderful artist whose Book of Days project I belong to, is working on jumpstarting her blog with a plan to blog every day in September. As any of you who read along here know, I keep meaning to blog more frequently and then get distracted, which is a nice way of saying I am nit as disciplined about posting as I once was. 

Nine years ago on January 1, I decided I would take a photo first thing each morning from my window every day for the year. I could not tell you why I wanted to do this but I did. I had no idea if I would sustain my commitment to the project — my ex-husband and I had attempted a 21 day shape up program at least 10 times and had never gotten past day 6, so indicators were that I was posing a real challenge to myself. But I did it. Each and every day, first thing, I took my photo. And at the end of the year I had this wonderful sequence of photos, which I called From My Window, showing the day by day play of the seasons in the bit of the landscape visible from that window.

So I have hope. Some of the posts for this project will be on The Fat Chronicles. I will post the link here each time I do that. 

Here we go. I am blogging along with Effy.

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