Season 3: Week 7

Week 7: Paul & Adele

Paul is talking with Adele -- he has told her about Sunil. He says Sunil is being deported because he did what she urged him to do. And then he says that should teach her to stay out of second hand diagnosis and to let qualified people do what they their work. Adele asks if he includes himself among those qualified people. She says he has been talking for weeks about his concerns about his work. She says she thought it had been important to address the risk and how does he know the threat was not real. She says she is not sure how Paul decided which story to believe, the one Sunil told him at the jail or the one he said in session. Paul says he knew. So she asks why then he is so upset if what happened was what Sunil wanted?

Adele refers to Paul’s strong identification with Sunil. Does he feel angry at having been betrayed by someone he sees as a friend? She asks if he is envious of Sunil for having found a way to change his life.

Paul says he has been going over and over Sunil’s treatment and can’t get it out of his head. He asks himself how does he know what he is being told is not bullshit, what is he being blind to now. He had a call from a patient wanting to see him and he hasn’t gotten back to him again. Paul wants to say he is not taking new patients. Adele asks what that means, is he cutting back on his practice or closing it? 

Week 7: Jesse

Jesse is with Paul and then we see Roberto is there also. Jesse says he took the train to RISD and he didn’t have enough money for the ticket so he decided to try to dodge the conductor but he was caught. And he called Roberto, who was in Buffalo and drove 8 hrs to come pick him up at the police station. Roberto says he paid the fine and it was okay. Paul wants to know how this led to the decision to end therapy. Jesse says they talked in the car and he decided he was fine now. They talked about Marissa. Roberto doesn’t like the language Jesse uses. Roberto says he asked Jesse about the therapy when they were driving back and Jesse said they talked about Marissa. Roberto says Paul has gotten the wrong picture. Roberto says they figured out the problem -- he wanted to go after Karen when he heard she had contacted Jesse but Marissa had said to let Jesse handle it. Roberto is a judgmental toward Paul. He asks why he didn’t call him last week when Jesse said he was suicidal. Paul said he exercised his judgement. And did Paul tell him to take a train to Westchester to see them? -- and he characterizes them very negatively. Paul asks to talk with Jesse alone.

Week 7: Sunil

Paul is trying to reach Arun about Sunil. He learns Sunil is in custody and has been since Friday night. 

Paul is at the detention center to see Sunil. Sunil is brought in in a jumpsuit and sits across from Paul. He says we meet again. What happened, Paul asks. Sunil says Paul is his first visit. He says Julia is probably out on the town celebrating because he is being deported back to India. Sunil says no one is hurt. Paul’s call to Julia was enough -- she called Arun and then the police. And he was taken into custody. Paul is surprised and apologizes. Paul says he can fix it. Paul says he called Julia because of the cricket bat. Sunil says he is not disappointed in the outcome and offers him his thanks. He says he was arrested. Julia said he pushed her and it was intentional. The police requested his papers and he refused. Paul asks why. He says he refused because he chose not to present them. Paul asks if he knew he would be arrested. And he knew that he needed Julia to call them. 

Week 7: Frances

Paul is alone in his office obviously waiting restlessly. He calls Sunil. Leaves a message.  Sunil is late. Then he leaves a message for Julia. He asks her to have him call. 

Frances is with Paul -- she asks if he thinks she is doing the wrong thing. He asks why she judges everything. He says she wants others to confirm her own negative view of herself or validate her. He says his job is to help her discover what she thinks of herself and if she doesn’t like that, change it. She asks what he thinks of what she did. He says what she did was reasonable. Frances tells him Izzy says she was wrong and should have kept Tricia there at home and let her die there. Paul says that sounds simple in theory. Tricia wanted to die at home. Then Sunday Frances came for the night. She says they had a pretty good night. Tricia seemed almost stronger and she was asking about her father. Paul asks what she told her. She says he has faded for her too but she told her of a memory from when Tricia was a baby.

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