Season 3, Week 5

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Week 5: Paul & Adele

Paul drives up to a house and says it doesn’t look like a habitrail(a special kind of enclosure for hamsters). It is Steve’s house. Max tells him Steve thinks about the environment and Paul says that is something they have in common. That both he and Steve love Max and it’s okay for Max to love him back.Max is afraid Paul will be lonely. Paul tells him he doesn’t have to worry about him. How do I know, Max asks. Paul says he will call him all the time and they have a week in January. He wants Max to promise he won’t worry about Paul. They go up to the house.Paul declines an invitation from Steve to stay for coffee and leaves. 

Paul arrives a bit frazzled at Adele’s office and is late due to traffic driving back. Paul has ibuprofen that he says he will keep it there for when he needs it. He asks if they have half a session and she says if that. Paul says he talked with Max. He says he did it thanks to Adele. He was clear Max wanted to be in Maryland, that he had come because he was worried about Paul. Adele asks if it happened so fast. Paul says he wanted to get it over with. Paul tells her Steve asked him inside for coffee and that he seemed okay. That he looked like dad -- unlike you, Adele says. She asks if he went in but he says he couldn’t, he had to get out of there. Adele says it was hard to see Steve’s ease with Max. Paul says it was hard to walk away and leave Max there with him. 

Week 5: Jesse

Paul and Jesse are making pancakes. Paul asks him how school is. Paul asks if he misses his friends and Max says he will make new ones. Then he asks how things are going with Steve, is he growing on him? Paul says he wonders what kind of guy he is. There is a knock at the door. Jesse is there. Jesse says he needs to see him tonight. Paul says he doesn’t do that. Jesse swears. Paul asks what is going on. Jesse says he went to see his birth parents and they kicked him out of their house. Paul tells Max he needs to see Jesse and will be with him in few minutes. Max looks startled.

Paul asks Jesse what happened. Jesse says he called Kevin after the session and he said would come to them to see them. Paul asked why he felt it so urgent to see them. Jesse accusing him of thinking he made a mistake. They were supposed to meet that day at 6. So he took an early train and it took just an hour to get there. He saw kids in the front yard and he thought it must be the wrong house. And then he thought they belonged to the neighbors so he looked at them through the zoom lens of his camera but he felt sick to his stomach so he went looking for a diner. He walked around for a couple of hours and went back. They were gone, the kids were gone. All evidence of them was gone. A chalk drawing on the driveway was gone and the driveway was wet. He rang the bell and Kevin answered. Paul asks what he was like -- blonde and tall. They looked rich. She has nice legs and was wearing stockings and has a round face. He looked like a good guy and has a wink. Paul asks if they invited him in. Jesse says they put out oreos and milk like a commercial. Paul asks if he felt patronized and he says yes, that he was starving so he hate half the package. He was looking around the room for signs of other kids. The outlets were childproof. They held hands the whole time and looked at him like he was going to set their house on fire. Then 10 minutes later they asked him to leave. He says he can’t believe he got dressed up to see them. Jesse says he knows they were their kids. He knows because he saw a bar by the toilet for handicapped people. He unzips his back pack and takes out his camera and shows Paul -- one kid was in a wheelchair. Jesse says now he knows why they got in contact with him. He says the kid in the wheelchair looks just like him and he thinks they want his blood or something from him. Paul asks why he thinks the child is dying. Jesse asks why else they did  they get in touch with him and they eliminated all signs of the kids. Paul asks him about the conversation. Jesse says he doesn’t remember what they said. Jesse says he was stoned. He says he got  high while he was walking around. Paul asks why they asked him to leave. Jesse says he thinks it has something to do with RISD. Paul asks if he asked them for money. Jesse says he asks if they could work out a deal -- a summer for something from him and they said nothing, Kevin offered to drive him to the station and Jesse leaves.

Week 5: FRances

Frances is sitting on the couch -- she and Paul are silent. She asks if it is normal for it to be so hard to get started. He says it is quite common. She wants to know if she said nothing would he say something. He says eventually he would say something. She asks what the longest silence has been and he says around 20 minutes. He asks her what she has been thinking about.

Paul asks if she looked at the results of her test yet. She says she is not ready yet. She says she is thinking about Izzie. She has been getting texts and phone calls from her. He suggests it is time for her to see Izzie. She says she did -- she took her things and went to her school and ambushed her. She saw her on the steps with her friends and how she looked grown up. It was surreal, like looking into the future. She looked confused when she saw Frances and she went to being her sullen teenage self. She licked her lips a lot and Frances offered her chapstick and she left. Izzie texted her after that -- telling her she should call Trish who now looks like a skeleton. Frances is upset that Izzie texts her about Trish and she sounds jealous. Paul asks if she did call Trish. Frances says she went out and got laid instead. She says it was a 25 yr old man, the first since she left her husband. He is in the cast. She had gone out with the cast and he kept buying her drinks and after the third she asked him to show her where she lived. She tells Paul that he loved her breasts. He kissed and touched them. She asks Paul if he is shocked. He asks if she is trying to shock him and she says no, but she knows how squeamish he is. Paul wonders why she thinks he is squeamish. Frances says his whole life seems squeamish to her and she understands why Trish loved him, that Trish loves repressed men.

Week 5: Sunil

Sunil is listening news on a smart phone -- news about monsoon in India. He is in Paul’s waiting room.

Paul says he was worried at the end of last session. Sunil says monsoons have flooded the region where his parents were born. He says Paul could not have heard about it in NY  because all the news is about basketball. Sunil says he is having difficulty sleeping -- he says he keeps seeing the same image, a picture of a boy clinging to a tire in the flood. He feels trapped in Brooklyn like a prisoner. Arun is away at a medical conference. Before he left, the watched the news of the floods together. Sunil says he feels outside of his life.  Paul wants to look at the situation at home -- clearly he is concerned about Sunil’s feelings about Julia. He asks what are the possibilities of him finding a place to live in his own apartment. Who would pay for it, Sunil asks. Paul suggests he could get a job. Sunil says he is as helpless to change his surroundings as the people in the flood.  

Paul urges him to talk with his son about what he wants. Sunil says  Paul is wasting his time -- Sunil says it is a strategy to make him say what he feels. Again Sunil takes out his tobacco and says there is nothing to be gained by talking with Arun. He says he spoke to Arun the night before he left. He told him seeing the images made him aware that he is useless and he needs to return. Arun told him why does he want to make a fool of himself and go back to India, that they will donate to the Red Cross and get him a queen size mattress. 

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