In Treatment Week 8

In Treatment -- Paul, week 8

We know that Kate won't be with Paul this week. So where will things go with Gina?

Paul arrives and starts by mentioning Kate. He tells Gina Kate is tired of the back and forth and that he respects her choice to decide on her own.

Gina asks how Paul thinks the sessions with the two of them went. Paul damns with faint praise, by saying they helped and criticizing Gina. He talks about envying writers because they create characters ad get to decide what they will do and what will happen. 

Gina tells him she is very sorry about Alex. Paul talks about the funeral and how hard it was, how futile it all is. How strange it is to see the relatives he had been hearing about and they are not so much like the people he knew from Alex. Paul moves to talking about Amy. But his tone is intellectual and he seems somewhat detached from what he is saying.

Gina says she hears from him both his intense connection with his patients but also a longing for their family and friends. Paul says Alex left him as a repository of the atrocity he committed. Gina asks how she would describe Alex's state of mind at his last session. Is Paul feeling responsible. Paul says he asks a psychiatrist who consults with the Navy and he said Alex went into vertigo. Paul says he thinks he killed himself. Paul cannot understand how Alex could live with the deaths he caused. So many expectations placed on him, yet Paul saw him as a good guy, charming and endearing underneath the posturing.  Paul ays Alex asked him if he should fly, that he wanted him to tell him what to do. Gina says that was not his place. He tells Gina that Alex's father thinks it is therapy that killed him, that removing the repression made it impossible for Alex.

In Treatment -- Jake & Amy, week 8

Well, you know how I feel about this couple. Let's see where they take us today.

Kate is standing by the office window when Paul enters after telling Max to take care of something. He and Max have been to Max's game. Kate asks Paul to close the door so she can talk with him. She tells him that she called and left a message for Gina that she won't be returning to therapy. That she does not want to go over that ground again, that she needs to figure this out on her own. She tells him that she is really happy he is seeing Gina and that she hopes she can help him.

Jake is there. Paul asks if Amy is coming and he says he doesn't think so. Jake says it has been a weird week, quiet and awkward. That Lenny seems relaxed and at ease, which he thinks is odd. Paul says kids do that when they sense tension, try to get the parents to feel better. Jake says it isn't fair.

Jake says Amy has been trying to make it up to him about Ben, doing housework, trying to kiss him, but he can't do it, can't get past it. Paul says it can be hard to relate to someone after an affair. Jake says he stood and watched her sleep one night, that she looked beautiful. And how easy it would have been to lie down next to her and put his arms around her but he couldn't. So he jumped into his car and drove away and ended up at his parents house, four hours away. It was too early to ring the bell when he got there so he slept in the car. Jake says his mother comes to see Lenny but his father is more limited in his interactions with Lenny. A knock on the window of his car wake him up and it was a cop who was someone he went to school with, someone who fulfilled his childhood dream by becoming a cop.

In Treatment -- Sophie, week 8

I always look forward to Sophie, to see Paul at his best as a therapist.

Sophie and her mother drive up to Paul's. Sophie argues with her mother about the fact that they are a bit early. Sophie tells her she doesn't have to wait. Her mother says she doesn't mind. She compliments Sophie on her hair and touches it, smiling. Sophie starts to say something at the same time as her mother does. She suggests to Sophie that after her session they might do something together. Sophie leaves the car.

Sophie is crying and sitting on the floor. Paul sits across from her also on the floor. She says everything is going to shit. She says she has tried all week to talk with her mother but she can't, she just can't. She says she just wants to talk to her. She says her father has been calling every day this week, like he is trying to be most attentive father of the week. She hasn't returned any of the calls. And she says yesterday her leg began to shake and she thinks she will be pulled from the meet. She says even if she makes the meet how can she ace the national trials if she is shaking. Something is wrong , she says. She recites the series of events from the accident to the rash she has now. Paul reminds her the dermatologist says there is nothing wrong, that it is anxiety.

In Treatment-- Alex, week 8

It is raining as someone comes up the walk outside Paul's office. It's Alex's father. Paul explains about the doors, that it is custom to keep patients from running into each other.

Paul explains that he must respect the privacy of his work with Alex, though he will answer what he can. Alex's father says he wants to find something that will tell him what happened to his son.

He calls Paul on not revealing at the funeral what his relationship with Alex had been. Paul asks if he is surprised that Alex was in therapy. He says he is surprised at how secret it all is, though it is often secrets that bring people into therapy in the first place. Paul says it is often helpful to talk with someone who is not involved in your life. Alex's father says like a prostitute? Paul says he cared about Alex or he would have been a pretty poor therapist.

He asks Paul if Alex talked about things he told no one else. He says he knew Alex well when he was a little boy. Paul asks about that and he says that Alex was quiet, inventive. Paul asks if he got that, being inventive, from him and he says no, his grandfather.  He says Alex and his grandfather had similar mannerisms and ways of talking and how odd that was for him, given how long the grandfather had been dead.

In Treatment -- Laura, week 8

Will Laura be back this week?

Today opens with Paul standing outside a cemetery. There is a funeral. We see people in Navy uniforms. Is it Alex who died? Paul signs a guest book.

Yes, it is Alex's funeral. There are two ebony objects on the casket. Paul introduces himself to Alex's wife and others standing near the casket. We see people we can guess are Alex's gay friends. And Paul's son, Roy.

Paul sits down next to Roy outside the chapel and talks to him. He tries to assure Roy that thinking angry thoughts or crying is okay. Roy says he doesn't want to cry. Paul tells him he doesn't have to be strong. Roy says his father told him he had to be strong, be the man of the house when his father wasn't there. Paul says he understands that but that maybe he and his mother could help each other feel better. Paul tells Roy that he recognizes the chess piece he put on the coffin and Roy says it represents his father's favorite chess move.

Laura comes in. She thanks Paul for calling her. She asks if he is all right and Paul says he hasn't slept well, that he hasn't had a patient in therapy die while in treatment. She urges him to take some time off.

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