In Treatment, Week 7

Paul, Week 7

Will Paul be able to get outside of himself enough today to listen to Gina? We'll see.

Paul is in his office. The phone rings. Paul asks what the dermatologist says and then addresses her as Sophie. Kate asks who it is and he says a patient the same age as Rosie. Kate asks f it is the same girl she helped with her shirt that day.

Kate starts by telling Gina that Rosie knows, that she asked Kate. Rosie asked if she were sleeping with someone. Gina asks why she asked this and Kate tells her about Rosie's call. Gina asks if the boys know. Paul says he spoke to Ian, though not specifics. Kate asks why they can't talk about this at home. Kate is angry that Paul told Ian and Paul tells her what Rosie had said to him just before that. Kate says Ian has always been on Paul's side.

Paul complains that Kate has not once apologized and said she was sorry. Kate says she has, and Gina agrees. Kate says Paul doesn't want to hear it because he hasn't decided to forgive her. Paul wants to talk about how Kate has been with the kids, and then criticizes her.

Jake & Amy, Week 7

Thursday is not my favorite day of Paul's week. Jake & Amy time again.

Paul opens the door and Jake walks in. He says Amy is waiting in the car. Jake talks about how nice the neighborhood is and how much the house Paul lives in is worth. Paul says they have lived there 22 years. Jake says he hiked the Appalachian Trail when he was 17 -- the trail goes through near Paul's house. Jake asks if he and Paul might have become friends if they had met long ago.

Jake says they drove there together today -- part of the new plan, to be accommodating. Then he starts complaining about Amy's driving, that she won't talk on the phone while driving, despite the fact that she treats the car as a place to do business. So she pulls over every time. Paul asks why he doesn't drive. He says he fell asleep at the wheel a few years ago and ever since she has been the one to drive and that he hates being driven around by a woman.

Amy comes in, saying she is late this time to make up for being early last week, then says she was late on purpose to let Jake and Paul catch up. Paul states that Amy was there alone last week -- Amy bristles and says Jake knows that. Jake says he was meeting with a potential client and Amy archly asks if the client is buying. Jake backs off. Then says Amy's boss is working her too hard. She snaps at him to stop it, that he is annoying.

Sopihe, Week 7

Sophie is waiting when Paul opens the door. She is texting someone, then she tells Paul it's her father, that he is in Boston and she may go see him next week.

Sophie starts by saying she had a dream that her father was in danger. So she called her father and he tells her that someone had broken into their hotel room and stolen his favorite camera. Sophie asserts that this is proof positive of their connection. Paul asks if going to Boston will interfere with her Olympic training. Sophie says it is not a big deal. 

Paul asks when was the last time she saw her father. She says 6 months ago, that they went to a fancy restaurant with his girlfriend. He flirted with a waitress and his girlfriend got angry so they left. Sophie is unclear which girlfriend he is with now. She says she took a trip with her father to Paris when she was 13 and she lights up as she describes it. 

Paul asks about the dream. But she says she doesn't want to say more about it. She says the important part is that she felt he was in danger, that they are linked. She says it was a terrible a dream, a nightmare. She asks Paul if he has nightmares. He tells her one he has had since he was a kid. She asks him what he thinks it means and Paul says he thinks it means he was going to disappoint his mother. She asks if he did and he says he doesn't think so.

Alex, Week 7

It is entirely expectable that Alex returns this week -- and that he is in uniform, given the ways he has acted on his impulses in prior weeks.

And show up he does. When he opens the door Paul jokes that he feels he should salute. Alex comes in and says this is his last time at least for now, he wants to settle up. He offers to pay for next week as well and makes a crack about the gravy train ending. 

Paul asks what happened and Alex tells him that he was asked to come and train new pilots. Alex tells him about how he can intimidate the younger pilots but also that he doesn't feel the project can succeed because there is too little time. Paul says it must feel great to awe the others and he shrugs and goes on to tell another way he betters them with his skill. Much bravado. Alex says he never panics. He keeps fishing for recognition of his superiority from Paul. Then he says he has pushed to be able to return to combat flying. Alex is not happy when Paul seems not to agree this is a good idea.

Laura, Week 7

Well, Laura doesn't come to see Paul this week because it is a holiday, so he spends the time with his kids.

Paul is at his desk and his daughter, Rosie, comes in. She tells him her older brother is being an asshole. Paul says he is going back to school soon, can't they get along? Rosie complains that he washed her iPod when he did laundry. Paul makes a joke. Rosie is not amused and say she can't live without her music. Her phone rings and she busies herself texting.

Paul complains that texting seems more important than anything. He marvels that she types so fast. Rosie complains that it is private. He asks about the acronyms she is using. A friend has texted that he misses her so much. Rosie says he hasn't a name -- then says his name is Noah. Paul asks if he is from school; she says no. Rosie says she met him at the center, he was treated there. Paul asks how old he is and she says 18. She talks about how amazing the songs he writes are and that he works at Kinko's. She's trying to get him a better job. Paul observes she is good at that, helping people, but that sometimes people can help the most by setting boundaries. She thinks he is worried that she is sleeping with him, but she says he needn't worry. Paul wants to know if he has a record  because of what he did. Rosie says she has to go. 

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