In Treatment, Week 6

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In Treatment -- Paul, week 6

Kate and Paul arrive together. They are waiting for their daughter, Rosie, to check in with them so their cell phones are left on. They are concerned about where Rosie has actually been.

Rosie has been out for 24 hrs. Gina asks if this didn't happen before a few weeks ago. Kate talks about the shelter she runs, that Rosie volunteers there four times a week. Paul says she is a born social worker, always has been. And Gina asks how he knows that. Paul talks about ways Rosie mediated among friends. Paul somewhat hostilely interprets Gina's question to indicate that Rosie also mediates at home. Kate concludes that Rosie's volunteer work 4 times a week is too much. Gina asks when she started volunteering and they answer around 6 months ago. Kate thinks maybe Rosie should do more ordinary teenage stuff. Paul again interprets what he thinks Gina is actually asking. Gina tells him to stop that.

Kate calls Rosie and she answers. Paul says he wants to talk to her. Kate lies about where she and Paul are, telling her they are with an accountant. Paul says Rosie is not staying with that friend again. And then says he would ask why this now and turns the issue into a reaction to the problems between Paul and Kate. Gina points out that when Rosie vanishes, they work together. She asks if Rosie senses the conflict. Kate thinks they have concealed it well. Paul says he thinks it is more tense now because Kate ran into Laura.

In Treatment -- Jake & Amy, week 6

Did you see Gabriel Byrne on Charlie Rose last night?

We begin this week as Amy is outside the office talking on her cell phone. Paul comes out and she says she is a little early. Paul asks if she can wait a few minutes and goes back inside.

Then we seeAmy is alone. She gets up to close the curtain. Then fluffs the pillow on the couch. Paul asks how she is and she says good. She says she rushed to get there. She says Jake is not coming. She tells Paul that they are together, that everything is fine and they are seemingly in love.

Amy says she was miffed that Paul asked her to wait outside and wonders if he would let another patient, someone he likes more, come in early. She says she knows she and Jake are not easy as patients. Paul asks how she would describe herself. She says maybe she would like for him to be different -- Harrison Ford. Paul asks how he would behave if she arrived early for a session. Amy says he wouldn't make her wait outside like a naughty schoolgirl. And she acts a bit flirty.

In Treatment -- Sophie, week 6

Pizza delivery arrives and Paul asks who ordered it. Paul says okay he'll take it but the delivery guy makes him say what kind of pizza. 

Sophie is eating pizza. She says she realized she was hungry when she was on the way so she sent a text message and ordered it delivered to his office. She says she needs to gain weight. She asks how he is, how his mood is. She says he was grumpy the week before. She seems cheerful. Sophie asks if he was having a bad week and he says yes, and maybe some of it spilled over into this room. Sophie says she likes that side, the no bullshit side of him.

Paul asks why she said she needs to gain weight. Sophie says she has lost a little and she should be gaining because she is working with weights. Sy won't let her lift weights until she gains back what she lost. 

Sophie asks if she can eat there because she knows there are a lot of rules. Paul asks what rules. She says the no suicide rule which Paul says is a pact. And she says also the one that he can't undress her. Paul says she can eat, and that he thought she was enjoying eating, with gusto. Then she stops and she says she doesn't want more. She has eaten only half a piece.

In Treatment -- Alex, week 6

We open today with Paul carrying in the mail. Kate remarks that he never gets the mail and she asks if he is expecting a love letter. She tells him she saw Laura. Kate says she thought Laura quit therapy. Paul says she did but that she had called and asked to see him because her father was in the hospital. Kate angrily tells him he should have told her she was back. Paul says all she had to do was ask. She asks if he thinks he deserves her because of what she, Kate did to him. Then the time for the next patient arrives and she says he is saved by the bell again.

Alex arrives. Paul tells him he is glad he came back. Alex says it went against all of his instincts. Paul ask what were his instincts. First was to come back and beat up Paul and then he said he fell back on something he learned in the Navy, think like the enemy. Alex says he believes Paul is threatened by him, that he thinks of him as a murderer.

Paul asks if there is something people see in him that they react to. Alex says he believes Paul wanted to strangle him  as soon as he came in the door and finally he had a chance to try last week. Paul says Alex treated Paul as he did in order to get the response he expects. Alex denies that it was important to him.

In Treatment -- Laura, week 6

Paul's daughter opens the door to the office calling for him. The couch has not yet been made up. We hear the shower. She puts his glasses in their case.

Laura arrives and her phone rings before she opens the door. Apparently it is the hospital. She hands Paul a bag and says it is for him, maple syrup from the farmer's market. Your kids eat pancakes, she says.

She called early, before her appointment time. She thought her hour would be filled, but Paul says no. He asks about her father, who is in ICU.  They both sit on the couch, at either end. She is weeping as she tells Paul how small her father looks. He puts his hand on her arm then withdraws it. 

She says she took Paul's advice and told her father about David last week when she left her last session.  Her father said he thought so when she tells him about David. Paul asks if she told him the full story. Paul reflects that her father didn't sound surprised, that maybe he knew all about it. And how does she feel about that? She denies that it could be that way.

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