In Treatment, Week 3

In Treatment -- Paul, week 3

Paul arrives, looking edgy. Gina says he looks antsy and he says he is having urinary problems. Gina expresses empathy about it and the stress and he jumps to the conclusion that she thinks it is a psychosomatic problem -- perhaps because he thinks so? He goes to the bathroom and returns complaining there is no soap.

He says he is angry for having taken her advice, blaming what happened with Laura on Gina. It is all Gina's fault that Paul handled things with Laura the way he did -- Gina isn't willing to buy that. She tells him she thinks he acted hastily to deal with his own problems.

He admits to finding Laura attractive and that he has fantasized about her. He says he knows how to engage her and that he could manipulate her. Gina asks if she is the nurse there to keep Paul from crossing the line.

Gina confronts him with his defensiveness around talking about his feelings about Laura. He starts to tell her about Alex and that Laura has met him. Gina asks Paul why he is the betrayed man and not Andrew, Laura's fiance. And would his feelings change if Laura were to lose the transference to him? How does Laura see him, she asks?

In Treatment--Jake&Amy, week 3

I confess that I find Jake & Amy the least interesting of Paul's patients. So I didn't even watch this episode until this morning.

Amy arrives alone. She is smiling and says she feels fine. Paul reiterates his stance that in couples' therapy, they don't meet unless both are present. She asks what if she wants to see him for herself and Paul tells her in that case he would refer her to someone else.

Jake doesn't know she has come to the appointment and would not want her to. Amy tells Paul she believes she does not feel bad enough about the pregnancy loss. She is subtly both oppositional and flirtatious.

Amy's phone rings for the second time -- Paul wonders if it is Jake, ad she says it is. She has an unlit cigarette in her hand.

Paul confronts the flirtation.

Amy asks about the stain, expressing surprise when Paul says it came out easily. The stain, the loss of the pregnancy -- both too easy, one suspects, for Amy. Paul suggests this and now tears appear in Amy's eyes and she looks upset for the first time. Jake comes in.

In Treatment-- Sophie, week 3

Oh my goodness  -- this time Sophie arrives wearing a soft collar for her neck. She was to have her casts off today but when her doctor saw her, he put the collar on her and did not remove the casts.

She gives Paul a boat model, because it is the last session. She heard his initial recommendation for at least 3 sessions as meaning 3 sessions. And they begin with Sophie asking to sit in Paul's chair, which he agrees to, and she acts his part, observing that he looks tired.

They switch places when Sophie decides to see what therapy would be like -- she seems to like it that Paul tells her that if she were, she would be in charge of the pace and direction.

Sophie slowly reveals the details of her relationship with Sy, her coach, after talking about her parents' divorce. She assumes responsibility for what happened, that she knew what she was doing. And that Sy had tried to hold the boundary, told her it could never happen. And when it did, afterwards things changed -- they had a big fight the next day and she also fell off the balance beam. Sy stopped them from having sex again, told her it would ruin both their careers if it got out. And then when Sy's wife returned, she told Sophie that their daughter was becoming too attached to her and she should not be around for a while. She knew that Darlene knew but wouldn't talk about it. The accident, when she broke her arms, happened that night, after Darlene gave her an apron she had gotten for her.

In Treatment -- Alex, week 3

Alex comes in with a big box -- and when Paul asks him what it is, he says it is an espresso machine, top of the line. Paul asks if it is a hint about the coffee last week and he says it's no hint, it's a statement.

Alex goes on and on about buying it on eBay and his strategy for getting bargains, ignoring that Paul said he can't accept it. Finally Paul tells him to turn it off. And asks him if he doesn't think there is something aggressive in his behavior.

Paul tells Alex he is trying to understand what all this is about. Alex wants coffee that is top quality and he needs that there in order to open up. Then he whips out 6 kinds of coffee beans.

Alex says he met Laura. Alex thinks it is significant he met Laura who is also a patient and says he wants Paul to help him understand. Paul tells him they have now started therapy -- he brought a coffee machine because he needs it, which indicates he plans to come back, and then identifies himself as one patient who meets another. Paul agrees to allow Alex to leave the coffee machine so long as he continues in therapy, though he reserves the right to think the whole thing over.

In Treatment--Laura, week 3

Paul awakens to his alarm clock -- he's sleeping on the couch in his office. Not surprising given the events with Kate last week.

Laura bursts in dramatically. She finds his belt on the couch and asks if he was going to punish her for being late. She tells about seeing a dog hit by cars and that she had to pull over to help the dog. She is certain Paul would have also. He tells her he would not, that he would assume the dog was dead and go on. He points out to her that she would have been late even had it not been for the dog and that he would have appreciated a call. He suggests that being late was not coincidental.

She doesn't want to look at her behavior, that she was already late and that being late and not calling is very unusual for her. She does not want to consider this.

Paul's questions are not off base but he is using them to act out his own discomfort. Clearly Gina's questioning of his continuing to work with her has been on his mind.

Paul suggests that she was already angry before she came in the door and in fact considered not coming.

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