In Treatment -- Sophie, week 2

I like Paul best with Sophie. He shows humor and warmth and care with her that he struggles a bit to show with his other patients. When Sophie arrives soaking wet to this session, he offers her dry clothes and gets them for her, his daughter's things. And she reminds him she can't dress or undress herself. And of course he doesn't cross that boundary and help her but gets his wife to help. I can hear the Langs --he of the squeaky tight therapeutic frame --followers falling over in horror at this. Kate is relaxed and good with Sophie who seems to appreciate the help.

In fact she appreciates Kate so much that she is the subject one of the few positive observations Sophie makes. 

Paul tries repeatedly to learn more about what has been going on with Sophie, to follow his hunch about the coach and about her relationship with her parents but he doesn't get very far. For now, it is probably enough that he is laying the groundwork, quietly letting Sophie know that she can tell him. And he tells her that he sensed that someone had broken the rules with her and he knew she was testing him when he gave her the dry clothes. 

But Sophie can't handle much from him yet and she is still needing to test him, to try to provoke him -- by saying hurtful things about him, about his daughter. She can't trust him until she can feel fairly certain he won't try to hurt her.

When she is getting ready to leave, Kate asks if he had offered her tea and again sets that warm relaxed tone with her. And Sophie throws her arms around Kate in a long hug -- her need for this is palpable. This is another clear look into what is going on with this child.

I keep trying to figure out how many doors there are in Paul's office. There is one from the waiting room into the office. One directly to the outside. One to the bathroom. And is there yet another into the house? 

I like the office. It seems warm and cozy and I can imagine sitting there. But it is also large and has a lot of stuff in it. Is it distracting, I wonder?

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