In Treatment, Week 2

In Treatment -- Paul, week 2

Gina is sitting at her computer when the phone rings. She answers and says "He is not here. He died a year ago. Please don't call back."

Paul returns to see Gina. He coughs and looks upset. He tells Gina that it's true, that Kate has been seeing a man and then makes it that Kate told him all the details, omitting that he pushed for them. Paul feels like everything is falling apart -- he tells her that Alex is leaving his wife, that Sophie is having an affair with her coach and alluded to something going on with his daughter. He says Kate says it's his fault, that she is invisible to him as are the children. Gina says she is confused by all the names and suggests they focus on Kate.

"What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to do now?", Paul asks. He exaggerates what Kate told him and says he that he always thought sex was connected with intimacy for Kate. Gina asks if he asked for the details and when he admits he did, Gina says Kate wanted to make sure he got it. And confronts him that he knew. 

In Treatment -- Jake & Amy, week 2

Amy has arrived before Jake and is smoking when he arrives. Jake comes on to her as they are in the garden before going into Paul's office. They joke about names for the baby and superficially things seem better.

Amy opens saying that she did not keep the appointment with her doctor because Paul was right, she needs to think it over. They are all smiles and happy, talking about getting along better. Amy says she thinks she may want this baby and has imagined the baby, which she thinks is a girl.

Paul asks if they have talked about this decision. Amy asks what he thinks. And he wonders , despite their apparent happiness, whether they shouldn't talk about it. Jake says this is their last session because they have decided; Amy says not necessarily. Paul reiterates that they still need to talk about it.

While Amy speaks, Jake looks away. Amy gets up and goes into the bathroom. Next we see them leaving.

And Paul finds a spot of blood on the couch -- so we may fairly conclude that Amy is miscarrying.

In Treatment -- Sophie, week 2

I like Paul best with Sophie. He shows humor and warmth and care with her that he struggles a bit to show with his other patients. When Sophie arrives soaking wet to this session, he offers her dry clothes and gets them for her, his daughter's things. And she reminds him she can't dress or undress herself. And of course he doesn't cross that boundary and help her but gets his wife to help. I can hear the Langs --he of the squeaky tight therapeutic frame --followers falling over in horror at this. Kate is relaxed and good with Sophie who seems to appreciate the help.

In fact she appreciates Kate so much that she is the subject one of the few positive observations Sophie makes. 

Paul tries repeatedly to learn more about what has been going on with Sophie, to follow his hunch about the coach and about her relationship with her parents but he doesn't get very far. For now, it is probably enough that he is laying the groundwork, quietly letting Sophie know that she can tell him. And he tells her that he sensed that someone had broken the rules with her and he knew she was testing him when he gave her the dry clothes. 

In Treatment -- Alex, week 2

Alex returns for a second session, to Paul's surprise. Again from the outset, Alex wants to be in charge, querying Paul about why he doesn't drink coffee and implying it is because of his heart. Alex spits out the coffee and Paul interprets it in light of his strong efforts to be in control. 

Alex knows that there is a problem that he feels nothing about the people who were killed by his bomb. But he sees it as a consequence of "the system", that it has rendered him unable to feel guilt or anything for those people.

Paul is trying hard, maybe too hard, to get Alex to acknowledge feelings. It feels to me he is pushing interpretations too fast -- out of anxiety perhaps that Alex will not come back and he has to try to penetrate his defenses in what time he has with him?

We hear about Alex's father and then his wife, both with a touch of disdain and grudging admiration. Both of them controlling and he believes without guilt. After a lot about his wife, discovering he doesn't know her really and declaring he never loved her, he tells Paul he is leaving, thanks to Paul.

In Treatment -- Laura, week 2

It's Monday so we see Laura again.

The episode begins with Paul fussing with a plunger and the toilet. At least once last week he was also fussing with the bathroom. Paul and his wife have a brief squabble about the problem. The session begins against the background of this marital disharmony.

Laura announces that she said yes to Andrew and the wedding is in June. Paul fidgets with his hands and looks a bit uncomfortable -- no doubt remembering his talk with Gina. He confronts Laura with the rapid change in her mood since last week. She protests and he compares what has happened to a diver getting the bends from a too rapid ascent from the depths -- he wonders if she has come up too quickly from where she was last week. She latches on to the diving metaphor and uses it to see them as having something in common. She firmly resists looking at anything that will take her again into the mood of last week. Paul tries several times to relate what she says to last week but she pushes him back.

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