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Cheryl Fuller here. I am a Jungian psychotherapist living on the coast of Maine. I am passionately interested in depth psychology, psychotherapy, feminism, fat studies. My  book, The Fat Lady Sings, weaves these threads into a tapestry of personal experience, critique of psychoanalytic theory and treatment of fatness, all in the context of the war on obesity. Mine is and has been has been the life of a fat woman which naturally feeds my interest in the lived experience of fat people, the absence of such voices in discussions of weight, and in the effects of fat phobia and what I term the cultural fat complex.

 I enjoy working in psychotherapy with weight, eating, and body image issues, all from a fat positive approach. Another special interest I have is psychotherapy focusing on issues of aging and finding purpose in later life. 

I have published essays on Medea, fat politics, and embodiment. I hold a BA in Psychology from Duke University, an MA in Clinical Psychology from the University of Connecticut, and a PhD in Jungian Studies from the Union Institute.

I grew up an Army brat. Having lived in many places, I happily settled in Maine in 1972 and declared myself at home. I live with my husband, Neal Harkness and 3 cats in Belfast, Maine where I work with patients in psychotherapy, write, read and knit. Neal and I recently realized we cannot possibly watch everything in our Amazon, Netflix, and Acorn queues in this lifetime, still we soldier on.

You can follow my interests in my blog and learn more about my book and my practice by following the links below:

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